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Our Ofsted registration number is EY357967

Our last inspection took place on 29th November 2018.  The report states that the Pre-school provides a good standard of education and care for our children across all areas inspected. 


To see our most recent inspection report click here.

Highlights of the report included:

  • Leaders and staff work effectively to support children who are learning English as an additional language. For example, children really benefit from bilingual support workers to help them to build their vocabulary and to communicate in their home languages.

  • Staff support children to understand how to learn to assess risks and keep themselves safe. For instance, they encourage children to be mindful that resources left on the floor could be trip hazards.

  • Children develop close and affectionate relationships with staff and feel secure. Staff support children to develop high levels of confidence and self-esteem thorough their effective encouragement and reassurance, which supports their readiness to learn.

  • Staff have a good understanding of how children learn. They complete accurate assessments and monitor children's achievements and use these to effectively plan and narrow any gaps in their learning.

To view all our Ofsted inspections click here.


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